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Why You Need to Know Midstream’s Dirty Little Secrets

Don't miss this opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the energy sector's present and future. Reserve your spot now for a webinar that promises deep insights, expert analyses, and strategic foresight. Join us for a concise yet comprehensive webinar exploring critical aspects of the energy market. The Analysis will focus on production dynamics in key regions, market trends, and strategic insights.

Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Permian and Beyond

  • Haynesville's ambitious growth and drilling challenges
  • Assessing Eagle Ford's production Potential
  • Projecting Permian growth amid changing drilling activities
  • Factors influencing drilling activity and processing capacity

Volatile Future For Natural Gas

  • 2024 gas market outlook and rebound factors
  • Basis & spreads analysis in key regions
  • LNG buildout and storage volatility hypothesis

Crude Oil Insights

  • Global oil demand and supply scenarios
  • OPEC's role in price stability and US export dynamics
  • TMX's impact on world balances and upcoming infrastructure projects
NGL Landscape
  • C2 processing vs. rejection: Our view
  • Addressing production gaps and assessing pipeline capacity
  • Dock capacity for LPG exports and petchem demand insights
Midstream Value Creation and Synergies
  • Small/Mid-Caps into Large Caps: Growth prospects and synergies
  • G&P's role in a shifting market landscape
  • Identifying growth prospects with and without acquisitions
Reserve your spot now to gain essential insights into the evolving energy landscape. Our experts will provide actionable analysis to help navigate the complexities of the industry.


From crude and NGL forecasts to midstream oil and gas industry outlooks, get a taste of our insights into the upcoming 2024 industry landscape with our weekly DLS preview articles:

Mach IPO Highlights Tier 2 Potential

Mach Natural Resources launched an IPO this week, raising nearly $172MM. The new offering overlaps with two themes East Daley expects to highlight in this year’s Dirty Little Secrets annual report. Read More.

The Race is On to Build Permian Processing

East Daley will dive into NGL value-chain economics from the wellhead to the LPG export dock in our annual report, Dirty Little Secrets. Read More.

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Meet DLS 2024’s Speaker: Justin Carlson

Justin is the Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of East Daley Analytics. With a passion for strategy and deep expertise in oil and gas market supply and demand, Justin co-founded East Daley Analytics to creatively transform data and information into market moving knowledge and wisdom to drive client success.

Justin has spoken at numerous industry conferences including the Marcellus Utica Midstream Conference, LDC Forums, and DUG, and has been quoted in publications such as Barron’s Midstream Business, Natural Gas Intelligence, and the Wall Street Journal.

In last year’s 2023 DLS report and webinar, we discussed…

Whether the rapidly changing Midstream environment is on the cusp of another infrastructure wave

How the Russia-Ukraine conflict has spurred greater demand for US energy products

And more!

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Dirty Little Secrets FAQs

Who is Dirty Little Secrets for?

Dirty Little Secrets is our annual live webinar and report report for industry professionals and clients in the oil and gas sector who are interested in staying updated on North American midstream market trends and developments.

This report caters to people who are interested in knowing how the events of the previous year may affect business opportunities in the coming year so they can prepare their oil and gas outlooks, and maintain their edge over competitors.

Can I get this year’s Dirty Little Secrets report if I miss the webinar?

If you miss the live Dirty Little Secrets webinar, you can still download the report afterward. We release a new Dirty Little Secrets report in December of every year following the webinar. 2023’s DLS was published in December, 2022. Likewise, 2024’s DLS will go live in December, 2023. Stay tuned!

How much does Dirty Little Secrets cost?

This year’s Dirty Little Secrets webinar and previous years’ reports and recording are provided completely complementary to industry professionals and clients. We believe in sharing valuable insights and predictions to benefit the industry, and DLS is one of our many free resources to help professionals gain a clear and competitive oil and gas industry outlook.

However, we offer a plethora of other premium subscription options. These products, including the Energy Data Studio™, Crude, Natural Gas, and Natural Gas Liquids, offer more comprehensive access to East Daley insights and additional features.

Are previous years’ Dirty Little Secrets reports and webinars available?

You can find previous DLS webinar recordings, along with other webinars and informative video breakdowns, available for free on the East Daley Analytics YouTube channel. For overviews of past DLS reports or to inquire about access to future DLS installments, contact us.

How can I contact the Dirty Little Secrets support team?

If you have any questions, feedback, or support inquiries regarding Dirty Little Secrets, feel free to reach out to our support team by sending us a message via our contact page. We would be happy to assist you.