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Keep a competitive edge in the dynamic crude oil markets

Crude oil investors, traders and producers need forecasts they can count on for optimal decision-making. Without market analysis based on an accurate assessment of current supply and demand fundamentals, businesses can see missed opportunities, larger risk exposure, and potential losses based on misjudged market conditions.

East Daley provides the market insights you need to conquer uncertainties in a complex market and succeed.

Maximize ROI and minimize risks with East Daley’s Crude Hub Model

Gain a holistic view of crude oil markets and connect commodities with capital to predict opportunities and risks utilizing East Daley’s unique data sources and methodology.

Enhance Supply and Demand Assessments

Gain Basin Level Insights

Determine Market Implications

Explore Built-In Volume Forecasts

East Daley’s Crude Hub Model makes it easy to explore volume forecasts across more than 115 pipelines and 15 terminals so you can effectively analyze crude oil flows.

Build your benchmarking, analysis and commercial impact assessments on a bedrock of reliable market fundamentals and reliable crude oil forecasts.


Reap the Rewards of East Daley Analytics’ Crude Hub Model

Improve Strategic Planning in the Crude Market

Develop more robust and flexible strategies to tackle volatility in the crude market with better long-term planning, thanks to a holistic assessment of supply and demand to power your forecasts - right at your fingertips. 

Allocate Crude Oil Resources for Maximum ROI

With the help of East Daley’s holistic crude supply data sets and cross-commodity insights, investors, traders, and producers can optimize their operations, manage their portfolios, and allocate capital more effectively to maximize ROI.

Enhance Your Crude Market Competitiveness

The insights from East Daley’s models are unmatched among crude market analysts. Accurately gauge market trends, predict price fluctuations, and stay on top of shifting supply-demand dynamics to make timely decisions that outperform your competitors.

Anticipate and Mitigate Potential Risks

By identifying how developments in related commodities affect supply and demand across the crude oil cycle, traders, investors, and producers can proactively make decisions to manage their risk exposure and protect their operations and investments.

Don’t let shifts in crude oil supply take you by surprise.

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What makes East Daley’s Crude Oil insights so unique?


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Get a truly holistic look at crude oil supply

Crude markets don’t exist in a vacuum. Understanding the shifting supplies for gas, oil, and NGLs are essential for truly understanding crude oil supply and market behavior. Our Crude Oil Hub takes cross-commodity constraints into account, as well as contractual relationships between oil companies, to create forecasts that are as closely tied to real-world market behavior as possible.

Build your crude market strategies from comprehensive pictures of the energy sector.

Gain unparalleled crude oil market insight from multiple data sources

Our Crude Hub Model provides a balanced inflow + production + outflows + demand model at your fingertips, aggregated and triangulated from multiple data sources including federal, state, and company databases to offer granular insight into crude oil supply by region.

Our robust data puts everything you need at your fingertips.


See for yourself what our holistic crude oil analytics can offer your business

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