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Macro Supply & Demand

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Our Macro Supply and Demand Forecast reports and underlying data sets take a detailed look at the most prominent basins and their current production by sub-basin, pipeline utilization and capacity, plant utilization, and gathering system.

Gain a comprehensive macro-view with visibility into micro constraints and relationships. Build our LNG data into your own demand forecasts or use it to validate against your own view of the coming LNG super-build.

Feel confident in the data to make rewarding financial decisions, remain competitive, and manage risks with our comprehensive data sets, reports, and expert guidance.

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East Daley’s Flagship Natural Gas Resource: Energy Data Studio™

Powered by a first-of-its-kind, proprietary asset level allocation model, East Daley’s new Energy Data Studio provides a comprehensive visual view of the natural gas industry outlook, enabling you to accurately compare midstream companies by basin, commodity, and infrastructure (asset) type.


With Energy Data Studio™, you can:

  • Visually inspect historical and future flow dynamics by pipeline between major commodity hubs

  • Run competitive analytics across G&P systems

  • Compare state level data to sample flows to rig counts to aggregate well inputs

  • Evaluate G&P system level financial metrics including EBITDA, rates, margins, producers, and commodity exposure

Dig deeper on your own and filter data your way, accessing proprietary data models in creative and visually dynamic ways that put natural gas forecasts and industry insights at your fingertips like never before.

Benefits of East Daley’s Data Sets and Reports Across the Natural Gas Cycle



  • Weekly rig counts at the basin, sub-basin, and midstream system level

  • Rig operator detail

  • Breakdown between public and private systems



  • Historical production data from the wellhead

  • Producer level historical production view

  • Production allocated to each basin down to each county


Gathering & Processing

  • View plant and gathering system utilization

  • See where plant expansion is needed before it’s announced

  • Allocate production to midstream G&P



  • Access flow data correlated to each G&P system

  • View constrained pipelines

  • Visualize contracted capacity across pipelines by shipper



  • View forecasted storage levels

  • Get expectations on the next waves of LNG buildout

  • Forecast demand across energy, industrial, residential, and commercial sectors

What makes East Daley’s natural gas analytics so unique?


Natural gas pipelines


Natural gas storage assets


G&P systems across the natural gas value chain


Estimated 2023 EBITDA


What makes East Daley’s natural gas analytics so unique?

Natural gas pipelines
Natural gas storage assets
G&P systems across the natural gas value chain
$ 0 B
Estimated 2023 EBITDA

East Daley’s Natural Gas Resources

Operate with a clear-headed industry outlook and make the best decisions for you and your other industry stakeholders with reporting, dashboards, data sheets, calculators, and weekly forecasts courtesy of Easy Daley’s comprehensive reports and data sets, included in the Energy Data Studio™. Data Providers: FERC, State Regulatory Agencies (ex. TX Railroad Commission, LA Sonris, Plant data), EIA, SEC, Company Investor Presentations, Pipeline Informational Postings, and Pointlogic/Blackbird/Enverus/well database.

Production Proucts


Production Models

Get insights into crude and natural gas production forecasts across 15 North American basins through a macro view of US domestic gas supply, demand, and working natural gas storage volumes.
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FERC Products


FERC Return Calculator

Get midstream natural gas insights with our FERC Return Calculator. This data set, powered by our comprehensive collection of information on FERC regulated pipelines, assists in calculating crucial factors for pipelines across the US such as:

  • Rate-base or ROE (Return on Equity)
  • Negotiated vs. max-tariff revenue
  • Navigating FERC financials
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FERC Form 2

A quarterly and annual compilation of financial and operational information from major interstate natural gas pipelines and storage facilities subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee (FERC).



Access interstate gas pipeline contract data on all regulated US and Canadian assets.

Supply and Demand Products


Connect producers through processing, to pipelines for a complete value chain analysis by basin. Gain a comprehensive macro-view with visibility into micro constraints and relationships. Build our LNG data into your own demand forecasts or use it to validate against your own view of the coming LNG super-build.


Connect producers through processing to pipelines for a complete value chain analysis by basin. Leveraging East Daley’s Patented Gathering & Processing database, this unique methodology provides a comprehensive macro-view with visibility into micro constraints and relationships. Basin and Regional coverage include Permian, Bakken, South East Gulf, Houston Ship Channel, West Coast, Northeast and Rockies.

Gathering and Processing Products


G&P Capacity Analysis

Drilldown into gas processing capacity by geographic location and midstream operator.


G&P Comparative Analysis

Map of gathering pipeline and processing plants that also shows capacity, throughput, rig count


G&P Plant Detail Analysis

Analyze raw state reported processing plant data.


G&P System Analysis

Dashboard displaying historical and forecasted system detail of volumes, rigs, and production.

Shipper and Gas Pipeline Contract Products

Geospatially Visualize Gas Pipeline Contracts

Search by shipper, by pipeline, by county, by state, and a number of other filters while also being able to visually see context through pipeline maps.


Shipper Contracts Across Gas Pipelines

Focused on how different shippers contract on pipelines across the country.


Gas Pipeline Customer Contracts

Focused on analysis that helps understand how gas pipelines are contracted.



Published every Thursday morning, this new power-house newsletter is an interactive and enlightening read highlighting breaking news, exclusive interviews, videos, charts, maps and more. The newsletter utilizes East Daley's Energy Data Studio tools for natural gas predictive analytics with Hart Energy's Rextag mapping tools to present a holistic view of pricing triggers, infrastructure growth, pipeline and processing bottlenecks, regulatory and legal hurdles, and the inevitable solutions. 

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Permian Gas Takeaway Constraints Report

While production growth has fallen short of post-pandemic trends, East Daley’s analytics forecast a surging pace of production growth that could have massive ramifications for your near-term and long-term projects. Download our full report on Permian Gas Takeaway Constraints to ensure your preparedness in the constantly shifting natural gas landscape.

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East Daley Client

“[East Daley Analytics] provides the best available midstream data in the industry. I get quick responses whenever I have questions or need assistance. They truly want to make their platform the most user friendly as possible. They value the clients’ input and make changes to suit their needs. I highly recommend using [EDA] over any other subscription service.”

How to Use East Daley

Our data sets and Energy Sata Studio™ provide unique insights and utility for midstream analysts, equity and private equity associates, investment bankers, natural gas producers, and more:

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Midstream Analysts

  • Monitor market trends and competitor dynamics
  • Capitalize on informed and unbiased strategy decisions
  • Leverage asset level operational risk
  • Position your assets for growth

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Equity Associates

  • Find new investments through monitoring macro market trends
  • Identify long and short term opportunities
  • Confidently make investment decisions and improve portfolio efficiency

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Investment Bankers

  • Identify new potential non core and stranded assets
  • Get up to speed with historical and forecasted operational data
  • Leverage public asset financials and private asset volumes to build out private financial models

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  • Make informed/unbiased strategy decisions by monitoring market trends
  • Compliment your teams’ on-ground expertise with an unbiased view of asset-level operational risk
  • Quickly and efficiently understand the competitive landscape

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Private Equity

  • Improve the efficiency of portfolio company operations by leveraging operational data on midstream assets
  • Move faster using “off-the-shelf” asset-based financial data
  • Build custom supply and demand models

Forecast natural gas pricing, supply, and demand with confidence