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Energy Data Studio: Interact with Natural Gas Data

This first of its kind report from East Daley Analytics tracks rig activity to monitor the risks behind individual gathering and processing assets across the U.S. What makes this report unique is that rigs are allocated to individual assets providing a more granular understanding of how each asset is trending relative to the basin and to the company. What makes this possible is East Daley’s proprietary patent pending asset level allocation model.

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Gas Pipeline Customer Contracts 

  • Focused on analysis that helps understand how gas pipelines are contracted.

Shipper Contracts Across Gas Pipelines 

  • Focused on how different shippers contract on pipelines across the country. 

The unique dashboard combines multiple state, company and EDA proprietary data sets to provide a visual interface to map and decipher complex natural gas pipeline customer data.  The interface allows for data download as well as visual inspection to analyze a single pipeline, investigate contracts by customer across pipelines or dig into a specific area of interest for all pipelines and customers.

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Flaring, Methane, and the Cost of Looming Permian Gas Takeaway Constraints Report

When oil prices recovered post-pandemic, Permian production growth nonetheless fell well short of the 2018-2019 pace, as operators prioritized capital discipline, returning more of their cash flows to shareholders and putting less to the drill bit. This slower production growth, combined with the in-service of major long-haul gas pipeline projects, kept Permian flaring in check. But in East Daley Analytics’ view, current rig counts signal a pace of production growth that would periodically exceed gas takeaway capacity through 2026.

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FERC Regulated Pipelines

(Ferc Form 2, Ferc Form 6, FERC IOC) The data sets are no longer segmented by company, all available data is contained within the summary files. All accounts are updated quarterly and include filterable income statements, balance sheets, and statement of cash flows for all FERC regulated pipelines. Tagged pipeline ownership data is now included to help you easily identity who owns which pipeline and percentage of ownership.

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The FERC Return Calculator

The FERC Return Calculator (FRC) is a data set designed to assist in calculating the rate-base or ROE (Return on Equity) on pipelines, determining negotiated vs. max-tariff revenue, or even just navigating FERC financials. Tariff rates on interstate gas and liquids pipelines’ are cost-based. This cost based equation can be different depending on whether the company is a c-corp or MLP (Master Limited Partnership). 


Supply & Demand Macro & Basins

These Supply and Demand Reports and Data Sets connect producers through processing to pipelines for a complete value chain analysis out of each basin. Leveraging East Daley’s Patented Gathering & Processing database, this unique methodology provides comprehensive macro-view with visibility into micro constraints and relationships.


Natural Gas Weekly

East Daley Analytics' Weekly Natural Gas Weekly provides a update every 7 days to our monthly Supply and Demand forecast. The update covers rigs, flows, production, prices, and capacity constraints that materially change our view on supply and demand. This update highlights what investors and traders need to keep their eye on in the natural gas markets to ensure they are on the right side of the market. Subscribe to Natural Gas Weekly below.


Production Scenario Tool

East Daley’s Production Scenario Tools (PSTs) incorporate our latest crude and gas production forecasts across 15 domestic basins and Canada. East Daley specializes in developing accurate forecasts utilizing production data and benchmarks, E&P producer guidance, active rig metrics, the latest strip pricing, and midstream constraint analysis. The EDA Team takes a macro view of U.S. domestic gas supply/demand to determine regional constraints, resulting in forecasts that provide balance between natural gas supply, demand, and working gas storage volumes.

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