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It can be frustrating to accurately forecast natural gas demand due to market volatility, regulatory changes, and technological disruptions. Inaccurate or outdated forecasts contribute can cause major issues such as:

  • Supply chain disruptions

  • Missed opportunities

  • Financial losses

Get informed data delivered to you daily and a support network of experts to help you make sense of it all.

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Overcome the Challenge of Forecasting Demand

The Macro Supply and Demand Forecast takes into account a wide range of factors that influence demand, including weather patterns, economic growth and activity, regulatory changes, and shifts in energy consumption patterns. By analyzing these factors and developing a comprehensive forecast, East Daley provides businesses with valuable insights into how demand for natural gas is likely to evolve over time.

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Receive up-to-date information for every level of the supply chain so you can make real-time decisions with accuracy and speed.

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Organize and filter data to fit your needs with your own personalized dashboard. See the data that matters most to you so you can stay on top.

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How to get our forecast for US Natural Gas Supply and Demand


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Armed with the information in the Macro Supply and Demand Forecast, businesses can make more informed decisions about how to allocate resources, adjust pricing and supply chain strategies, and develop new products and services that are better aligned with evolving market trends.

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The Daley Note

Midstream Insights Delivered Daily

A delayed start to the Louisiana Energy Gateway (LEG) project will cost Williams (WMB) $20MM in earnings this year, according to East Daley...

Federal regulators have given Enbridge (ENB) the green light to start a new pipeline serving an LNG project finishing construction on the...

Moss Lake Partners has surprised the market with its DeLa Express pipeline to move Permian natural gas to Port Arthur, TX and Cameron...

Moss Lake Partners is throwing its hat in the ring to build the next big gas pipeline out of the Permian Basin after the Matterhorn project.