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Improve your oil and natural gas outlook and future-proof your business decisions.

With East Daley’s comprehensive collection of reports and cutting-edge tools based on a unique, industry-leading energy commodities data set, you’ll have a clearer view than ever of the outlooks for crude oil, natural gas, ngl, midstream company financials and other essential market commodities—and an edge over your competitors throughout the oil and gas industry.
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Make Informed Investment Decisions for Oil and Gas Commodities

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Develop Effective Risk Mitigation and Hedging Strategies

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Optimize Your Asset Management Strategies


Build better investment strategies.

Clear insights into the oil and gas commodity markets are essential to enabling informed and strategic decision-making and ensuring stability throughout this vital energy sector. Midstream analysts, commodity traders, and investors across the oil and gas industry can confidently take action in this market with the help of industry-leading data platforms.

Our expert market insights and reports provide free and paid market insights you can’t find anywhere else.

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East Daley’s Energy Data Studio™

Scale your intellectual capacity and dig deeper on your own more than ever before with East Daley’s comprehensive visuals, data sets and reports at your fingertips. Energy Data Studio™ empowers you to dynamically interact with our proprietary data models and:
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  • Visually inspect historical and future flow dynamics by pipeline between major commodity hubs
  • Perform competitive analytics across G&P systems
  • Evaluate G&P system level financial metrics including EBITDA
  • Accurately compare midstream companies by basin, commodity, and infrastructure (asset) type
Make informed business, operational, and investment decisions quickly and gain a competitive edge over other energy infrastructure experts in the rapidly shifting landscape of oil and gas markets with customizable dashboards, advanced filtering tools, and compatibility with your existing workflows.
Skip the middleman and simplify the energy value chain with real-time insights.

Explore East Daley’s Oil and Gas Commodity Market Methodology 

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Subscribe to periodicals and access unique data sets and reports to have clearer insights into oil and gas commodity markets than ever before right at your fingertips. Get the data you need to take action and seize opportunities throughout the energy sector.


Natural Gas Forecasts

East Daley forecasts natural gas supply and demand dynamics across all major basins to provide a total US macro gas balance and improve your natural gas outlook. Our reports include infrastructure egress, midstream systems driving basin growth, and East Daley supply forecasts.

From calculating FERC returns to analyzing production scenarios, we have the tools you need to make the best decisions for you and your fellow stakeholders.

Our natural gas products and free market insights include:

  • Cash flows for FERC regulated pipelines
  • FERC return calculator tools
  • Supply and Demand reports per basin
  • Rigs, flows, production, prices, and capacity constraints
  • Production forecasts across 15 North American basins
  • Midstream activity trackers
  • Gas processing capacity by geographic location
  • Capacity, throughput, and rig count of gathering pipelines and processing plants
  • G&P plant detail analyses
  • Historical and forecasted system detail of volumes, rigs, and production
  • Gas pipeline customer contracts
  • Shipper contracts across pipelines

Midstream Oil and Gas Company Financials

Track and forecast volumes and financials for 22 public midstream oil and gas companies, including asset-level financial models and earnings preview reports to gain a complete, holistic sense of a given midstream company’s competitive advantages over its peers.

Get the best midstream data in the industry at your fingertips, with full transparency and access to our expert analysts


Crude Oil Forecasts

Leveraging our understanding of contractual relationships, tariff rates, preferred routes, and data from multiple state and federal regulators, East Daley provides crude forecasts by pipeline in and out of major crude hubs and at export docks across North America.

Places the best in crude network models at your fingertips and dissect the crude oil energy value chain with confidence.

Our crude market products and free market insights include:

  • Our crude market products and free market insights include:
  • Current and future flows between every major crude hub in the US
  • Crude oil, gross natural gas, and natural gas liquids production by basin
  • Bi-monthly updates on the US Crude Oil Market, including supply and demand fundamentals, basin level views and analysis of market constraints
  • Income statements, balance sheets, and statement of cash flows for all FERC regulated pipelines

Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)

Our patented G&P tools monitor rigs in real-time and provide NGL forecasts and purity product supply at the plant, basin, sub-PADD, and PADD levels, compared with reported EIA data and tied to pipeline flows and NGL fractional and purity centers for visibility into the NGL markets like you’ve never seen before.

Make informed business and investment decisions to stay ahead of your competition.

Our NGL products and free market insights include:

  • Tracking and forecasting y-grade supply by basin into each egress pipeline
  • Tracking and forecasting U.S. NGL purity product supply by basin
  • Filterable income statements, balance sheets, and statement of cash flows for all FERC regulated pipelines
  • Monitoring midstream flows of NGLs from processing plants to fractionation centers

Oil and Gas Consulting

Access strategic insights with comprehensive assistance and support from East Daley’s experts and translate data into dollars. Our consulting services include due diligence projects, market studies, debt investment, strategic analysis, and more, all backed by our unique and powerful data sets, tools, and methodologies.

From natural gas outlooks to NGL and crude oil forecasts, East Daley is here to provide the real-time insights you need for more informed decision-making.



East Daley Client

“EDA provides the best available midstream data in the industry. I get quick responses whenever I have questions or need assistance. They truly want to make their platform the most user friendly as possible. They value the clients input and make changes to suit their needs. I highly recommend using EDA over any other subscription service.”


East Daley Client

"East Daley Analytics continues to set the gold standard for in-depth research in the energy sector. Their insights on regional natural gas supply and demand are invaluable, helping us navigate the complexities of the market with confidence. A special shout-out to Maria, whose dedication and diligence in keeping us informed is truly commendable. It's clear she goes above and beyond in her role. Highly recommend their services!"


East Daley Client

“East Daley provides access to a tremendous amount of data and insights in a single, intuitive platform. The Energy Data Studio has been a tremendous value-add to our platform.”

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