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Discover a new way to approach crude markets.

Having a clear and actionable outlook for oil prices often depends on knowing how to read the crude market. Most analysts and investors focus on only a PADD or basin level, making them vulnerable to missed opportunities for long-term growth, inaccurate risk assessment, operational inefficiencies, or ineffective hedging strategies.

East Daley’s crude oil forecasting data goes beyond traditional models, empowering you to read the crude market with unprecedented accuracy.

How to Maximize ROI and Minimize Risk in the Crude Markets

As a powerful and versatile source of energy for all sectors as well as industrial feedstock, crude oil is a highly valuable commodity across the oil industry. But traditional ways of analyzing the crude markets often fall flat of providing the insights you need to make informed decisions that maximize your return while minimizing your risks.

East Daley uses an innovative approach to help you make the most of the crude market:

Gain a Holistic View of Crude Oil

Predict Opportunities and Risks

Connect Commodities and Capital

Our Crude Hub Model analyzes the entire commercial operations of the crude network in the US, balancing pipe-by-pipe flows in and out of major crude hubs and export docks across the US to enable crude oil forecasting with unprecedented ease and accuracy. Gain an intuitive outlook for oil prices with East Daley’s Energy Data Studio™ and cutting-edge data sets.

Benefits of East Daley’s Crude Oil Forecasting Solutions

With our Energy Data Studio™ and comprehensive crude oil data sets, we put the crude oil market at your fingertips, enabling you to make informed decisions and predictions with ease:


Utilization Determine true constraints on crude supply by forecasting pipeline utilization and effective capacities across the US.

Cross Correlate

Use potential constraints on other commodities, such as oil, gas, and NGLs, to develop more accurate expectations for crude markets.

Analyze Forecasts
vs. Guidance

Use guidance from midstream and upstream crude oil companies, including financial expectations, for better crude oil forecasts.

Innovative Short-Term

Use micro dynamics for short-term crude oil forecasting and get an edge over analysts that only look at the forward curve.

Fill Gaps
in Your Data

Triangulate federal, state, and commercial data sets along with independent models to fill gaps in your data sets. Data providers: FERC, Sonris, Texas Railroad Commission (T1), CER, Port of Corpus Christi, EIA. 

Commercial Analysis

Track pipeline contracts using East Daley’s comprehensive commercial data sets to get a clear picture of the crude market.

Get all this and more at your fingertips with the powerful Energy Data Studio™:

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Leveraging East Daley Through the Crude Cycle

Understanding the cyclical nature of the crude market is the key to accurate crude oil forecasting. Throughout the crude cycle, East Daley’s tools and datasets empower you to take full advantage of the crude cycle for improved ROI and reduced risks:

Production and Supply

Get historical and forecasted crude production and rig counts across basins and sub-basins.

Gathering and Aggregation

Leverage a basin level view of crude oil production flowing into crude markets and hubs.

Pipeline Takeaway

Our Crude Hub Model tracks pipeline flows and highlight egress opportunities and constraints across North America.

Downstream and Exports

Monitor the flow of crude oil into export facilities and refineries.

Our crude hub model focuses on the commercial dynamics of hub-to-hub flows using a unique methodology to bring you accurate, dynamic crude oil forecasting:

Built-In Volume Forecasts

We build forecasted volumes for each pipeline into our financial modeling for major midstream companies to provide an extra layer of benchmarking, analysis and commercial impact.

Cross Commodity Constraints

Our holistic supply forecasting takes into account supply analysis for gas, oil, and NGLs as well as crude, effectively measuring how constraints in one commodity will affect expectations for another.

Real-World Assessment

A deep knowledge of contractual relationships between crude oil companies factors into every forecast to provide assessments that are more closely tied to real-world market behavior.

Multiple Data Sources

East Daley’s data is aggregated and triangulated across federal, state, and company databases to provide a balanced inflow + production + outflows + demand model for each area.

Unlock unparalleled crude oil market insights.

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Improve Crude Oil Forecasting with East Daley’s Production Model

Based on East Daley’s comprehensive data sets, our Production Model gives you a flexible forecast tool to analyze crude oil, gross natural gas, and natural gas liquid production by basin.

Forecast future rig counts by price history per basin and refine your crude market forecasts with information on NGL production sensitivities by purity product.


What makes East Daley’s Crude Oil insights so unique?


Pipelines across FERC Form 6


Pipelines across our Crude Hub Model


Terminals in our Crude Hub Model


Estimated 2023 EBITDA


Permian Crude Oil Supply and Demand

Permian crude oil production, infrastructure and downstream demand covering Permian basin crude oil egress routes to Corpus Christi, Houston, Nederland and Cushing. 

Basin Production Growth 

  • Y-o-Y, M-o-M Growth Analysis 
  • Up to Date Rig Count vs Forecast 
  • EDA Forecast Compared to EIA 
Basin Utilization 
  • Sub Basin Utilization 
  • Egress Constraints 
  • Historical Pipeline Flows and Forecasts 
Price Impacts 
  • Production Growth Implications  
  • Pipeline Capacity Implications  
  • Basin Egress Implications 

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What makes East Daley’s crude oil insights so unique?

Pipelines across FERC Form 6
Pipelines across our Crude Hub Model
Terminals in our Crude Hub Model
$ 0 B
Estimated 2023 EBITDA

FERC Form 6

Form No. 6 is a quarterly and annual compilation of financial and operational information from major interstate liquids pipelines (crude, NGL, refined product) subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee (FERC). The non-GAAP financial metrics are used in East Daley modeling of asset financial performance, rate risk assessment, volumetric analysis, and overall understanding of asset operations.


Get an Edge on Crude Market Insights

In our new bi-monthly periodical, Crude Oil Edge, you’ll receive regular updates on the US Crude Oil market, including supply and demand fundamentals, basin level views and analysis of market constraints and infrastructure proposals.

Delve into sub-basin dynamics for clearer market insights on crude oil flows, production growth and import & export characteristics and get an edge over the competition.

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East Daley Client

“[East Daley Analytics] provides the best available midstream data in the industry. I get quick responses whenever I have questions or need assistance. They truly want to make their platform the most user friendly as possible. They value the clients’ input and make changes to suit their needs. I highly recommend using [EDA] over any other subscription service.”

How to Make the Most of Crude Oil Forecasting with East Daley

Our unique data and cutting-edge methodologies provide unique insights for midstream analysts, equity and private equity associates, investment bankers, crude oil producers, and more:

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Midstream Analysts

  • Ensure your team has the deep analytical tools to capitalize on strategy decisions
  • Get a clear view of asset level operational risk
  • Data and analytics at your fingertips

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  • Monitor competitor dynamics to make informed strategy decisions
  • Understand the dynamics behind future rates and contract structures
  • Quickly and efficiently understand individual assets, basin dynamics, and competitive landscapes

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Private Equity

  • Find new investments through macro crude market trends
  • Improve the efficiency of portfolio company operations
  • Build out private financial models and custom supply, demand, and egress models

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Investment Bankers

  • Identify new potential non core and stranded assets and clients
  • Leverage operational data to improve efficiency of portfolio operations
  • Analyze flow data financial metrics and rates for current or prospective assets

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  • Monitor macro market trends and find new investments
  • Identify long and short opportunities
  • Understand company exposure to commodity price shifts
  • Access historical and asset-level data

Take your forecasts to the next level and get a clear outlook for oil prices with East Daley.

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