East Daley Analytics – Dissecting the Energy Value Chain

Master the complexity of the oil and gas market

Energy markets are notoriously volatile, and staying on top of the constantly shifting landscape takes more than having all the data at your fingertips—you need to know how to get the most out of it all.

Our oil and gas advisors provide confidential services to help you seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and maintain competitive advantages so your businesses can thrive.

Our Energy Market Portfolio

With data spanning over 1,200 assets held by midstream and E&P companies, hundreds of G&P systems, over 100 natural gas, crude, and NGL pipelines, and beyond, our proprietary models contain a wealth of data—and our oil and gas consulting experts are at your service to give that data meaning and translate data to dollars.

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Master the oil and gas market with data-driven insights and actionable recommendations for short-term and long-term strategies. Oil and gas consulting experts equip stakeholders with the knowledge and strategies you need to gain and keep your competitive edge.

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Informed Decision-Making

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Risk Mitigation

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Operational & Asset Optimization

What makes our midstream consultants’ insights so unique?

Integrated, In-House Data and Modeling Capabilities

Methodologies Comparing Financial & Fundamental Analysis

In-House, Proprietary Private System Analysis

Value Chain Analytics For More Comprehensive Insights

Off the Shelf Comparative System Analysis

Focus On Finding Answers Regardless of the Limitations

Our Oil and Gas Consulting Project Types

East Daley is unique not just by way of our vast and deep proprietary models and data sets, but in our commitment to providing comprehensive consulting services and expertise to our clients.

We provide comprehensive, confidential consulting to help our clients make not only the best short-term decisions to navigate the volatile oil and gas market, but build effective long-term strategies to minimize risk and maximize ROI as well.


Due Diligence

Red Flag Analysis | Data Room Review | Counterparty Contract Reviews | Competitive Landscape | Management Meetings | Investor Decks

East Daley Analytics provides comprehensive due diligence consulting to help our clients thoroughly assess potential investments, acquisitions, partnerships, and other transactions to ensure they understand all the opportunities and challenges associated with their projects.

In due diligence, speed and accuracy are paramount. We leverage our existing commodity models and financial models to deliver reliable reporting when you need it.

Our oil and gas advisors provide total due diligence reporting that extends beyond the data room, incorporating:

  • Balanced commodity market models
  • Detailed value chain analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Contract analysis
  • Basis and price outlook
  • Supply side and demand side analysis

Market Study

Supply Demand Analysis | Downstream and Upstream Constraint Review |  Multi-region Impact Analysis | Commercial Relationship Review | Basis and Price Forecast | New Build/Expansion Opportunities | Contracted Capacity vs Physical Throughput

Understanding the full story of the oil and gas value chain is more important than just getting answers.

We forecast assets across the value chain, from producers to midstream to downstream. Our market study analysis is geared toward understanding all the commercial and physical relationships between assets, including balanced model forecasts that give our clients the full story of the cause and effect relationships that define the oil and gas market.

With help from our oil and gas consultants, our clients gain access to asset level forecasting that provide a clear understanding of:

  • Infrastructure interdependency
  • Commercial contract relationships
  • The difference between what production companies announce and what their operations actually look like
  • The best ways to adapt when the market makes unpredictable changes

Debt Investment

Private and Public Asset Volume and Revenue Forecast | Revenue Stress Tests | Strategic Moat Analysis | Quarterly and Annual Reviews | Management Presentation Reviews

Across the energy market, debt investment plays a critical role in funding oil and gas projects, companies, and assets, and oil and gas consulting firms provide essential financial analysis, risk assessment, and due diligence to investors and businesses.

East Daley regularly forecast over 1,200 public and private infrastructure assets across the hydrocarbon value chain, leveraging our base models to aid debt investors in evaluating the financial health of borrowers, assessing creditworthiness, and analyzing the terms and covenants of debt instruments.

Our oil and gas analysts routinely monitor the risk to the value of invested debt based shifting market dynamics. We can further customize that analysis through our consulting group based on specific scenarios, internal data sets, and stress tests to ensure they provide all the insights our clients need to make informed decisions.


Custom Data & Presentations 

Market Update Presentations | Conferences | Customer | or Management Meetings | Custom Data Pulls and Consultation | Custom Model Building and Scenario Analysis

Moving into a new market in the energy value chain brings with it new challenges and a need for new information to help you make informed decisions. Some oil and gas consulting firms may push you toward an expensive subscription to an data set you may only need to use once—but not us.

Our oil and gas consulting team will bring you the custom data you need to break into the market and make the best short-term and long-term strategic decisions. We’re prepared to deliver custom data and presentations you need to make sense of it all.


Strategic Analysis

Peer Review | Market Overview | Greenfield/Brownfield Expansion Evaluation | Market Sizing

Oil and gas consultants provide valuable strategic insights to clients entering a new market, evaluating peer groups, or getting a third party view of their current markets.

East Daley transforms strategic analysis. We help you find meaning in your data. We provide the data and expertise you need to develop strategic plans quickly so you can make effective short-term decisions that minimize risk and maximize return.

Our oil and gas advisors aren’t afraid to challenge previous assumptions by presenting data and logic that may change or reinforce a strategic plan. We incorporate our clients’ internal data and ideas into our own extensive models to provide custom, living models tailored specifically to their unique needs.


Examples of East Daley’s Oil and Gas Analysis Services

Gathering and Processing

Our G&P analysis covers over 400 assets and includes throughput data, financial reports, tariffs, and patented methodologies for rig and well allocation to enable precise assessments in the due diligence and strategic analysis processes.

Pipeline Egress

In market studies and due diligence, our pipeline takeaway analysis goes beyond rated capacity and historical throughput to effective capacity, throughput forecasts, contractual parties, connected infrastructure, downstream competition, and more.

Asset Analysis

Our asset-level database sets us apart from oil and gas consulting firms by using customized models that combine publicly available data with cross-commodity modeling and client-provided insights to look behind the veil of public statements.
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Thanks to our partnership with the interdisciplinary energy infrastructure market analytics team at ARBO, investors, traders, and producers in the oil and gas market can get a holistic look at the industry.

ARBO’s industry-leading insights transform energy regulatory data into actionable business intelligence and insights. In combination with Easy Daley Analytics’ unique data sets and expertise, together we provide the most comprehensive oil and gas consulting services deliverable in the industry.

With ARBO and East Daley Analytics, best-in-class market and regulatory analytics transform disaggregated, unstructured regulatory data and real time insights into supply and demand into commercial intelligence that helps c-suites, commercial teams, traders, marketers and fundamental analysts to:

  • Assess project feasibility and model cost, schedule, and opposition risk
  • Understand complex, interdependent permitting decisions and judicial outcomes
  • Handicap permitting timelines, track project progress and forecast in-service dates
  • Benchmark and optimize fuel transportation rates and routes
  • Interpret the impact of any regulatory or legal filing at the asset level

Get ahead of the competition and seize market opportunities with unparalleled insights from unparalleled oil and gas consultants.