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The NEW  Gas & Midstream Weekly newsletter combines the strengths of Hart Energy's journalistic reporting and analysis on natural gas, LNG, midstream energy and deal making with East Daley Analytics' deep research and intelligence of hydrocarbons, storage and transportation. 

  Published every Thursday morning, this new power-house newsletter is an interactive and enlightening read highlighting breaking news, exclusive interviews, videos, charts, maps and more. The newsletter utilizes East Daley's Energy Data Studio tools for natural gas predictive analytics with Hart Energy's Rextag mapping tools to present a holistic view of pricing triggers, infrastructure growth, pipeline and processing bottlenecks, regulatory and legal hurdles, and the inevitable solutions.   

Keep up with how much natural gas is produced, where it is flowing, stored, consumed and exported with Gas & Midstream Weekly newsletter from Hart Energy and East Daley Analytics 


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Strategic Insights

Other Powerful Tools for Maximizing Your Strategy

We provide a wide range of both paid and complementary data sets, reports, and other tools to provide unique strategic oil and gas insights that will help you make critical decisions for your business operations.

The Daley Note

Get daily market commentary on North American oil and gas fundamentals you won’t find anywhere else for unparalleled insights into short-term market considerations.


Energy Data Studio™

Put a finger to the pulse of the complex energy infrastructure value chain like never before with unmatched data, functionality, visuals, and knowledge at your fingertips in user-friendly dashboards.

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Who is Gas & Midstream Weekly designed for?

Gas & Midstream Weekly primarily caters to investors and traders in the natural gas market who want timely and valuable insights on the drivers of supply and demand in the North American natural gas market trends beyond what is provided in our monthly Supply and Demand Forecast. Gas & Midstream Weekly offers timely and valuable strategic insights to inform effective short-term decision-making on the fast-paced natural gas market.

How often will I receive Gas & Midstream Weekly?

You can expect to receive a fresh edition of Gas & Midstream Weekly each Thursday morning, providing an update on the changes to various factors that materially changed our macro view of supply and demand in the past week.

How much does Gas & Midstream Weekly subscription cost?

At East Daley Analytics, we believe in sharing valuable insights to benefit the industry. We offer Gas & Midstream Weekly entirely complementary to benefit natural gas traders and investors. In addition, we have many other premium subscription options available that provide unique insights into the energy industry and additional features, including the Energy Data Studio™, Crude, Midstream Companies, and Natural Gas Liquids.

Can I unsubscribe from Gas & Midstream Weekly?

Yes, you can unsubscribe from Gas & Midstream Weekly at any time. Each email you receive will include an option to unsubscribe. If you choose to do so, you will no longer receive weekly updates to our supply and demand forecasts in your email inbox. 

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