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Make informed investment decisions based on real-time midstream financial insights

From identifying market trends and potential supply disruptions to opportunities for optimization, the ability to track midstream oil and gas operations and assets with confidence is essential to seizing potential opportunities, weathering potential market volatility, and avoiding operational disruptions.

With East Daley, you can track and forecast over 1,300 midstream infrastructure assets with unprecedented visibility.

Understanding the Midstream Oil and Gas Supply Chain

Midstream oil and gas infrastructure plays a crucial role in connecting the upstream (exploration and production) and downstream (refining and distribution) sectors of the oil industry through logistical operations such as transporting, storing, and processing crude oil and natural gas. Midstream operations ensure that extracted resources make their way efficiently to downstream facilities and, ultimately, consumers.







Marketing and Trading


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PACKAGE ONE: Strategic Midstream Pro+ Financial Suite

Empower your business with the Strategic Midstream Pro+ Financial Suite, designed to provide unparalleled insights and elevate your financial strategies in the industry. With this comprehensive package, you will receive the best production forecasts, enabling you to seamlessly connect production data across 1,300 infrastructure
assets. Gain visibility into the rates associated with these assets, allowing for informed decision-making. Read More about this package.

Strategic Midstream Financial Suite

Unlock strategic financial insights without delving into intricate company and asset details with our Strategic Midstream Financial Suite. Tailored for those seeking concise yet impactful financial
intelligence, this suite offers a streamlined approach to understanding the market. Read More about this package.

The Midstream Investment Packages empowers investors to connect commodity production and
price forecasts to the financial impacts on midstream companies. Analysts and portfolio managers can understand the full value chain where midstream companies operate and identify where the opportunities and risks exist. In addition to commodity and financial analytics, the package includes access to our range of expert analysts to walk through your market and data-related questions.

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Benefits of Using East Daley to Track Midstream Company Activity

With East Daley’s Energy Data Studio™, you gain not only access to information on over 1,300 assets across 22 public midstream companies, but also insight on midstream oil and gas operations from our team of experts, available at your fingertips, whenever you need it.
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Dive deep into producers behind midstream assets, forecasts behind assets, rates behind assets, and competitive dynamics

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Use oil and gas volumes to understand company financials and company financials to understand volumes

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Look at midstream oil and gas assets with full transparency of assumptions, pricing, and volumes

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Explore fully built, asset-by-asset financial models for over 20 midstream oil and gas companies in the US

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Gain a comprehensive understanding of a company’s exposure to commodities, basins, and segments

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Aggregate FERC, RRC, and other data across over 1,000 oil and gas pipelines and other midstream assets

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Track and forecast rig activity of specific G&P systems and match asset-level data to SEC-reported financials

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Enhance supply-demand and company cash flow forecasts by linking financial data and news to commodity data

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Get access to our expert midstream oil and gas analysts for help navigating our data and making the best decisions

Data providers: FERC, State Regulatory Agencies (ex. TX Railroad Commission), EIA, SEC, Company Investor Presentations, and Pipeline Informational Postings 

What makes East Daley’s midstream insights so unique?


Companies included in our Midstream Activity Tracker


Unique assets across our midstream company data sets


Estimated 2023 EBITDA

What makes East Daley’s midstream insights so unique?

Companies included in our Midstream Activity Tracker
Unique assets across our midstream company data sets
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G&P systems across the natural gas value chain

Custom Company Dashboards

Energy Data Studio comes with customized dashboards for each of the midstream companies included in East Daley’s data set, providing access to information about their midstream assets, earnings previews, and review reports and models.

Energy Data Studio™ gives you visibility into over 1,300 midstream assets across prominent midstream oil and gas companies, including:


Bring together financial data from all of the company profiles included in the Energy Data Studio™ in a single summary product and find out where East Daley’s financial forecasts differ from the consensus at a glance, empowering you to see the details in midstream oil and gas operations that your competitors could be missing.


Company Comparison And Asset Breakdown

With our insights into midstream oil and gas operations, you can compare and contrast EBITDA for all of the midstream companies in Energy Data Studio™ by commodity, location, and asset type. In our report, you can also analyze the change in asset forecasts over the past 5 models to see emerging trends and make strategic decisions.

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We are excited to introduce our latest product innovation: the CAPEX Dashboard by East Daley Analytics. Designed to provide you with unparalleled visibility into midstream capital expenditure (CAPEX), our dashboard offers comprehensive insights that empower you to make informed strategic decisions in today's dynamic market environment.

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How to Use East Daley for Midstream Analysis

The unique insights provided by our Energy Data Studio™ and unique data-collection methodologies provide a view of midstream oil and gas operations you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re a midstream analyst, private equity, or an investment banker, you’ll find valuable ways to use Energy Data Studio™ to strengthen your position in the fast-paced, volatile oil and gas market:

Investment Bankers

  • Identify new potential non core and stranded assets
  • Quickly review historical and forecasted operational data on assets before your client meetings
  • Build out private financial models during scoping workflows

Private Equity

  • Monitor macro market trends to find new investments
  • Move faster to seize investment opportunities under tight timelines
  • Build custom supply, demand, and egress models for current and prospective assets

Midstream Analysts

  • Make unbiased strategy decisions by monitoring and market trends
  • Understand your competitors and position assets for growth
  • Get the data and analytics you need to execute your strategies at your fingertips


  • Monitor market trends and competitor dynamics for better decision-making
  • Leverage unbiased, analytical asset-level views
  • Quickly and efficiently understand individual assets and competitive landscapes


  • Find new investments in commodity and capital markets
  • Make decisions knowing a company’s exposure to commodity price shifts
  • Easily identify the assets that matter to a company’s performance and pull through to your models

Take your midstream oil and gas operations further with East Daleys.

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