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The world of oil and gas commodities is unpredictable

You need a monthly production report you can rely on to steer you right in the complex and ever-changing crude and natural gas markets. Without access to comprehensive data to drive your strategies, you may find yourself with limited market insight that can expose you to risky investment or production decisions and prevent you from maintaining your competitive edge in a crowded, volatile market.

With East Daley Analytics, you can rely on accurate forecasts that will work for your success in the oil and gas markets.

Make the best of your oil and gas forecasts with East Daley’s Production Model

Based on East Daley’s comprehensive data sets, our Production Model provides essential analysis of US domestic crude and natural gas supply. With our unique methodology, we consider demand and storage volumes for accurate production forecasts.

Make Informed Investment Decisions

Improve Your Trading Strategies

Optimize Production Planning

We present two scenarios for production each month
  • Unbalanced/Unconstraint scenarios which reflect production based on prevailing oil and gas commodity prices
  • Balanced/Constraint scenarios which reflects supply adjusted to keep storage within inventory boundaries and to consider the demand outlook in the upcoming years (i.e., LNG ramp)

Finding Gas and Crude Market Success with the Production Model

Optimize Resource Allocation in the Oil and Natural Gas Markets

Allocate capital and resources to projects that have the most promising production potential, considering anticipated well production trends and market conditions to improve operational efficiency and profitability.

Improve Risk Management with Accurate Forecasts

With the Production Model, investors, traders, and producers can adjust their positions and deploy their resources more efficiently to mitigate operational risks and reduce potential investment and trading losses.

Build Strategies Based on Regional Oil and Gas Dynamics

By-basin crude oil analysis and natural gas market reports provide valuable insights across the broader energy market landscape, which drives transparency for the development of strategies tailored to regional conditions for successful decisions.

Time Your Market Investments and Operations

In the volatile oil and gas market, timing is everything. Our Production Model enables investors and producers to use gas and oil well forecasting to time production changes (market entries or exits) for maximal returns and minimal losses.

Maintain your competitive edge in any crude oil or natural gas production scenario.

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What makes East Daley’s Crude Oil insights so unique?


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Discover insights you won’t find anywhere else

East Daley Analytics uses a combination of unique methodologies and data models correlated with a wide range of publicly available data on 16 North American basins. Transform raw data into clear, easy-to-use packages to provide macro-view crude and natural gas market reports that are readable at a glance and chock-full of insights your competitors don’t have.

In the oil and gas markets, knowledge is power.

Create and share uniquely insightful commodity market reports

Our basin-level natural gas and crude oil analysis makes it easy to develop and share reliable well production forecasts with fellow stakeholders to understand the shifting balance between supply and demand and predict natural gas production fluctuations.

Enable faster, more informed decision-making for your operations.


Get detailed forecasts based on the latest commodity strip pricing

East Daley’s Production Model is indispensable for commodity market traders and investors as well as midstream producers, making it easy to gauge potential supply levels, forecast rig counts, and understand changes in NGL production—all broken down by basin for unparalleled granularity.

Paint your own picture of the natural gas and crude market with a unique analysis backed by East Daley models and methodologies.

Find out what East Daley Analytics’ oil and gas data can do for you

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