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Don’t get tripped up by market volatility

The natural gas market is not a monolith. By drilling down into accurate, up-to-date demand and production data for each of North America’s basins, you can stay informed and avoid the costly consequences of missing opportunities for strategic decision-making—including supply chain disruptions and financial losses—and get the most value from your assets.

With production and demand forecasts by basin, you have the informed data at your fingertips to make sense of it all.

Seize Opportunity in the Natural Gas Market With Relevant, Regional Data

East Daley Analytics builds comprehensive profiles of each major region in the North American natural gas landscape, taking into account every factor that influences demand to build insightful forecasts for the most relevant regions to your operations and goals.

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Explore Our Natural Gas Production and Demand Forecasts By Basin

Click on a basin to learn more about each region and gain access to East Daley’s individual sets of comprehensive, production forecasts and demand forecasts for each region.

Stretching across Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma, the Southeast Region is known for its geological diversity, with a mix of conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Located in North Dakota and Montana and extending into Canada, the Bakken Basin is known for its oil production from shale formation as well as its production of natural gas.

Covering parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and New York, the Northeast Region is rich in natural gas resources from the Marcellus and Utica shale formations.

Extending across West Texas and southeastern New Mexico, the Permian Basin is historically known for oil production but has seen a significant increase in natural gas production.

Encompassing Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and parts of Montana and New Mexico, the Rockies Region is a geologically diverse region and an essential source of energy for the western United States.

Covering regions spanning the California coast to the western Colorado rockies, the the San Juan, Green River, Piceance, and Uinta basins have ripple effects towards basis pricing along the coast.

Stretching across southern Texas to San Antonio to Galveston Bay, the Houston Ship Channel encompasses the Eagle Ford basin, a prolific source of natural gas production with complex pricing dynamics.


Get the Best of Both Worlds: Macro-Level and Micro-Level

By leveraging our patented Gathering & Processing database, our unique methodology provides the best of both worlds: comprehensive macro-level views of your basin of choice as well as unprecedented visibility into micro constraints and relationships.

Get a complete value chain analysis through processing to pipelines of natural gas producers in your selected basin.

Build Meticulous Forecasts for Natural Gas Production and Supply

The smallest detail can have significant repercussions throughout the natural gas supply chain. Our comprehensive data sets for each major basin takes into account a wide range of factors that can influence production and demand by sub basin, pipeline utilization and capacity, plant utilization, and gathering system.

Leave no stone unturned and confidently make rewarding financial and operational decisions.


Talk to Expert Analysts

We give you all of the tools at your fingertips to make sense of the relevant data for your basin and develop accurate, actionable predictions that advance your goals. Speak to our experts and you’ll receive guidance from the best in the field to make the most of our data.

You’re never alone with East Daley Analytics on your side.

Get the real-time natural gas data you need to impact your bottom line.



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