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The Rockies Region is a major source of natural gas for the western United States, with both new drilling and legacy production serving the Rockies, West Coast, and mid-continental US. However, geographical and topographical features, infrastructure constraints, and distance from major refining and export hubs present myriad challenges to mastering supply and demand in this region.

With precise and up-to-date supply and demand forecasts from the macro level down to the micro level by sub-basin, you can confidently avoid supply chain disruptions, maintain a competitive advantage, and seize opportunities in this critical region.


Empower Your Stakeholders for Better, Faster Decision-Making with Comprehensive Rockies Region Data and Expert Guidance

Our basin-level Supply and Demand Forecast Report and Data Set connects you to natural gas producers through processing to pipelines, giving you a complete picture of the entire Rockies Region value chain. Leveraging our patented Gathering & Processing database, you’ll gain a broad and deep perspective down to the sub-basin.

Map your competitive strategy | Gain understanding of both public and private operators | See system constraints ahead of the market

Master the Dynamic, Volatile Natural Gas Market with Gas Supply and Demand Analytics for the Rockies Region

Our supply and demand reports use proprietary data to deliver up-to-date insights into the Rockies Region and its current production by sub-basin, pipeline utilization and capacity, plant utilization, and gathering system.



  • Weekly rig counts at the basin, sub-basin, and midstream system level

  • Rig operator detail

  • Breakdown between public and private systems



  • Historical production data from the wellhead

  • Producer level historical production view

  • Production allocated to each basin down to each county


Gathering & Processing

  • View plant and gathering system utilization

  • See where plant expansion is needed before it’s announced

  • Allocate production to midstream G&P



  • Access flow data correlated to each G&P system

  • View constrained pipelines

  • Visualize contracted capacity across pipelines by shipper



  • View forecasted storage levels

  • Get expectations on the next waves of LNG buildout

  • Forecast demand across energy, industrial, residential, and commercial sectors

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Takeaway Pipelines
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Processing Plants
G&P System Operators
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Bcf/d Supply

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How to Get Our Forecast for Rockies Region Natural Gas Supply and Demand


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With macro-level down to micro-level insights into the critical Rockies Region, you’ll have all the tools you need to make more informed decisions about how to allocate resources, adjust pricing or supply chain strategies, and develop products or services aligned with market trends.

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