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Your success depends on accurate predictions for natural gas liquids supply

You need insight you can rely on to make accurate decisions about the NGL market—from seizing market opportunities to weathering supply disruptions better than the competition. Without the tools to confidently predict and understand changes in the supply of natural gas liquids, you could lose your edge in the hectic NGL market to your competitors and struggle to streamline your operations and resources for success.

Make confident decisions about the NGL market with East Daley’s leading NGL Hub Model.

Go beyond traditional NGL supply models

Our NGL Hub Model provides insights into the supply of natural gas liquids like you’ve never seen them before. Our model is the first to track Y-grade supply by basin into each egress pipeline, giving you the ability to forecast NGL delivery to downstream fractionation markets with unparalleled visibility and make decisions with confidence.

Unprecedented Insight and Accuracy

Comprehensive Supply Data

Expert Analysis and Support

Take Full Advantage of East Daley’s NGL Network Model

Gain Essential NGL Market Intelligence

Play the NGL market with ease with a complete and detailed picture of evolving Y-grade supply dynamics. Identify emerging trends, opportunities and threats to make strategic decisions about production levels and geographic focus.

Maintain Your Competitive Edge in the NGL Market

Stay ahead of your competitors in the crowded and volatile NGL market by leveraging precise supply data to optimize your operations, negotiate favorable contracts and adapt quickly to market changes to increase your market share.

Optimize Your NGL Resource Management

The NGL Hub Model gives you a detailed view of NGL supply that allows investors, traders, and producers alike to make confident decisions for resource allocation, storage planning and logistics optimization, saving on costs and improving efficiency.

Mitigate Risks in NGL Investments and Midstream Operations

With an unparalleled insight into Y-grade supply from basin to market, you can identify potential NGL supply disruptions, pricing fluctuations and logistics challenges and proactively adjust your strategies to reduce financial and operational risk.

Don’t let shifts in NGL supply take you by surprise.

Get the Data

Identify infrastructure bottlenecks before the market does

With our proprietary data models and patented data methods, we take you further than the US Energy Information Administration’s publicly available data. Using a bottoms-up approach to supply, we help you truly understand what’s happening on the ground in NGLs.

React to significant changes in supply before the market does.


What makes East Daley’s Crude Oil insights so unique?


Pipelines across FERC Form 6


Pipelines across our Crude Hub Model


Terminals in our Crude Hub Model


Estimated 2023 EBITDA


Get a truly holistic look at crude oil supply

Crude markets don’t exist in a vacuum. Understanding the shifting supplies for gas, oil, and NGLs are essential for truly understanding crude oil supply and market behavior. Our Crude Oil Hub takes cross-commodity constraints into account, as well as contractual relationships between oil companies, to create forecasts that are as closely tied to real-world market behavior as possible.

Build your crude market strategies from comprehensive pictures of the energy sector.

Leverage EDA Expertise for NGL Supply

The NGL Hub Model is fully supported by East Daley Analytics’ expert team of analysts with specialties in understanding the ins and outs of NGL infrastructure and its effects on the market. Our analysts are available whenever you need help extracting the insights you need from the data.

You’re never alone with East Daley Analytics on your side.


See for yourself the benefits a ground-level view of the NGL network brings to you