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New CAPEX Dashboard

We are excited to introduce our latest product innovation: the CAPEX Dashboard by East Daley Analytics. Designed to provide you with unparalleled visibility into midstream capital expenditure (CAPEX), our dashboard offers comprehensive insights that empower you to make informed strategic decisions in today's dynamic market environment.

  • Detailed Breakdown: Our CAPEX Dashboard breaks down individual capital projects for approximately 20 public midstream companies by cost, commodity, asset type, and geography. With this level of detail, you gain a granular understanding of where investments are being made and what factors are driving capital allocation decisions.
  • Track Market Trends: Clients can track which parts of the midstream markets are attracting new capital, allowing you to stay ahead of emerging trends and identify growth opportunities. Whether it's investments in pipelines, terminals, processing plants, or other infrastructure, our dashboard provides you with valuable insights into market dynamics.
  • Company-Specific Analysis: Gain insights into where an individual company is focusing its strategy and how its CAPEX plans compare to industry peers. Whether you're a competitor, investor, or industry analyst, our dashboard enables you to track and analyze growth strategies in real-time.
  • Comparative Analysis: Compare and contrast growth CAPEX profiles among competitors to identify competitive advantages and potential areas of concern. Our comparative analysis tools provide you with the context needed to evaluate performance and make data-driven decisions.
  • Customizable Reporting: Tailor our dashboard to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're interested in regional trends, commodity-specific analysis, or asset-level insights, our customizable reporting capabilities provide the flexibility you need to extract actionable insights.

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Stay Ahead of The Market

Our latest product innovation: the CAPEX Dashboard by East Daley Analytics. Designed to provide investors, corporations, and industry professionals with unparalleled insights into regional energy markets, our dashboard offers a visual representation of aggregated data from our extensive financial models for approximately 20 companies.

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Gain Unprecedented Insights with East Daley's CAPEX Dashboard

•    Long/Short Hedge Funds & Long-Only Asset Managers: Our CAPEX Analysis Tool allows you to quickly aggregate how much a company is spending on specific projects, enabling you to assess its growth prospects. Easily compare and contrast with competitor's growth CAPEX backlogs to identify relative strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, pinpoint which macro trends are most crucial for a company's growth prospects to inform your investment decisions effectively.
•    Private Equity: Identify public players heavily investing in areas aligned with your investments. Discover potential buyers of your assets by identifying companies with significant CAPEX plans. Moreover, uncover companies investing in similar areas of focus, presenting potential partnership opportunities or opportunities for divestiture of non-core assets to fund their capital programs.



•    Understand Competitive Market: Gain insights into where peers are investing for growth to inform your strategic planning and competitive positioning.
•    Identify Growth Opportunities: Our tool enables you to identify areas where your peers are investing for growth, allowing you to assess potential project partners or joint venture opportunities with peers sharing strategic overlaps.

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COMING SOON: G&P Financial Dashboard

We are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking addition to East Daley's suite of energy management tools: the G&P Financial Dashboard. This dynamic tool is designed to revolutionize how you scope and analyze multiple financial metrics and throughput forecasts for individual G&P systems throughout the US.

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