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Find the Wisdom in the Data

Making effective investment and trading decisions in the ever-changing landscape of midstream oil and gas commodities often demands complete market knowledge and deep insight of the volatile, complex energy market, not just data. Without expert energy data consultants on your side, you could miss key insights from the data at your disposal and let fleeting investment or trading opportunities pass you by, missing out on opportunities for both short- and long-term profit and growth.

We believe nobody should be surprised by the energy market.

The Benefits of Oil and Gas Consulting

With East Daley’s team of midstream consultants on your side, you can maximize the actionable insights from your data and the return on your investments by accurately assessing and minimizing risks, building strategies built on a foundation of up-to-date knowledge of industry trends and market dynamics, and ensure compliance with the complex web of regulations that characterize the industry.


Enhance Efficient, Strategic Decision-Making


Maximize Profitability of Midstream Investments


Stay Compliant with Oil and Gas Market Regulations

Our Oil and Gas Commodity Trading Consulting Services

From commodity advisory services to market consulting, our midstream consultants provide thorough, comprehensive assistance in your decision-making process, from due diligence to debt investment and beyond.

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Due Diligence

Assess potential midstream investments with utter confidence with our midstream consultants on your side. We provide swift results for red flag analysis, value chain analysis, contract reviews, supply side and demand side analysis, and more.

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Market Study

We forecast midstream assets with a holistic view to bring you a complete understanding of all the commercial and physical relationships between assets, including infrastructure interdependency and commercial contract relationships.

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Debt Investment

We help midstream investors and traders evaluate the financial health of borrowers, assess creditworthiness, perform revenue stress tests, and more help you make informed decisions for future profitability.

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Strategic Analysis

Whether entering a new market or seeking greater success in an existing market, we help you challenge your assumptions with rigorous peer review and objective, third-party views of the energy market.

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Custom Data and Presentations

From conferences to customer and management meetings, we help you deliver your data with tailor-made presentations and custom data pulls, model building, and scenario analyses to effectively deliver your message.

Get a clearer view of the energy market than ever before.

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Why Choose East Daley for Energy Trading Consulting?

We are energy market consultants who combine our vast offering of broad, in-depth midstream reports and data sets with a passion for providing oil and gas insights in plain language for traders and investors.

Unique Midstream Insights

As oil and gas consulting experts, we provide comprehensive, up-to-date data on midstream flow, production, and assets you can’t find anywhere else, including over 1,200 assets across over 20 midstream production companies.

Fast, Timely Insights

In the energy market, time is of the essence. Our energy trading consulting expertise delivers all of the relevant insights you need, when you need them, so you can seize new opportunities for midstream investments before they vanish.

Competitive Peace of Mind

With access to insights your competitors don’t have, you can rest assured that you’re making efficient, confident decisions that maximize profits and save money, remaining competitive while mitigating risks and maintaining your compliance with regulations.

Simple Answers to Difficult Questions

With our midstream consultants, you get straight answers to your questions in plain English about midstream oil and gas operations across the US and Canada. Our energy infrastructure experts provide meaning to our data without jargon.

What makes our midstream consultants’ insights so unique?

Integrated, In-House Data and Modeling Capabilities

Methodologies Comparing Financial and Fundamental Analysis

In-House, Proprietary Private System Analysis

Value Chain Analytics For More Comprehensive Insights

Off the Shelf Comparative System Analysis

Focus On Finding Answers Regardless of the Limitations

Access Daily Midstream Insights from East Daley’s Experts

With the Daley Note, our daily digest of proprietary midstream market commentary, our team of professional energy data consultants offer a constant stream of insights into North American oil and gas fundamentals built on our proprietary data sets.

We cover news, commodity prices, security prices, EDA research, and more to help you see the factors likely to affect midstream oil and gas markets in the short term—before anybody else does.

Get Midstream Insights Delivered Daily
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Oil and Gas Consulting FAQ

Are oil and gas consulting services cost-effective?

While oil and gas consultants represent an upfront cost, the services provided unlock opportunities for greater profit in the short and long term. Energy market consultants take the vital work of assessing opportunities and keeping a finger to the pulse of the market off of your shoulders, freeing you up to make high-level decisions based on insights you would not have had on your own.

What is East Daley’s consulting expertise?

East Daley Analytics is more than an ordinary commodity market advisory company. We offer comprehensive midstream insights centered around our ability to not only financially but physically dissect the energy value chain. With our energy market consultants on your side, you can understand how midstream assets relate to upstream, downstream, and midstream markets.

What differentiates Easy Daley from other commodity trading advisory services?

Our energy trading consultants go above and beyond to leverage extensive data and models built on top of our proprietary methodologies. We pierce the veil of midstream companies’ public statements by cross-referencing them across our data sets to show you where we know something the public doesn’t, empowering you to seize opportunities before competing investors and traders know they exist.

What types of assets does East Daley analyze?

Our database of infrastructure combines several hundred gathering and processing systems as well as several hundred Gas/Oil/NGL pipelines, fractionation, storage and LNG/NGL/Crude export facilities to forecast oil and gas assets across the energy value chain, from producers to midstream to downstream.

Does East Daley sign confidentiality agreements?

As midstream consultants, we believe that trust between our experts and our clients is paramount. Confidentiality is core to our client relationships, and we are more than happy to sign agreements to maintain strict confidentiality—in fact, we insist on it.

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