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New West Coast Supply & Demand

This comprehensive tool empowers users like you to delve deep into the intricacies of West Coast US natural gas dynamics, providing unparalleled insights for strategic decision-making.

  • Monthly Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with our regularly updated information on relevant price spreads, pipeline flows, production, and demand estimates. Our commitment to accuracy ensures you receive the most current and reliable data.
  • 5-Year Forecast: Gain a competitive edge by accessing forecasts that extend five years into the future. Anticipate market trends and make informed decisions based on a robust understanding of the natural gas landscape on the West Coast.
  • Macro Perspective: Our West Coast Supply and Demand Report seamlessly integrates with our other basin reports and macro viewpoint on US natural gas. This holistic approach enables you to see the bigger picture, making it easier to navigate market changes and capitalize on emerging opportunities.
  • Next Wave of LNG: Be prepared for the impact of the next wave of LNG coming online. Our report highlights potential market shifts, allowing you to proactively adapt your strategies and stay ahead in a dynamic industry.
  • Comprehensive Data Set: Our report leverages a rich data set that combines relevant pipeline meter data, EIA data, well data, price data, and East Daley's proprietary production forecasting. This ensures a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the West Coast natural gas market.

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Stay Ahead of The Market

Your go-to resource for mastering the energy market from the California coast to the western Colorado Rockies. This dynamic product offers extensive regional coverage, precise production forecasts for key basins, and in-depth pricing analysis, specifically examining the Colorado pricing spread from CIG Mainline to NW Pipeline Rockies pricing. Stay ahead of the competition with strategic insights, ensuring you make informed decisions and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Elevate your business with unparalleled market intelligence – invest in the West Coast Supply & Demand Report today.

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Gain a Strategic Advantage in the West Coast Gas Market

Marketers, Midstream Companies, Producers, and Utility Companies:

Are you holding or considering pipeline capacity in the West Coast region? Our report is tailored to meet the needs of marketers, midstream companies, producers, and utility companies, providing a comprehensive understanding of the future supply and demand dynamics. With monthly updates and a 5-year forecast, our report equips you with the insights needed to make informed decisions on when and where to lock in firm transport. Whether you are a seasoned industry veteran or just entering the market, our data set will empower you to adapt to evolving dynamics and stay ahead of the curve.

Midstream Companies:

If you own or operate a pipeline through the West Coast region, our report is an invaluable resource. Understand the need for new pipeline capacity – how much is needed, where it is needed, and when it will be needed. Gain insights into potential re-contracting risks and upsides for your pipelines. East Daley Analytics is committed to providing you with the information necessary to optimize your operations and maximize the potential of your assets.


For producers looking to buy and sell acreage or hedge production in the region, our report offers a strategic advantage. Navigate the market confidently with a deep understanding of the West Coast natural gas dynamics. Our data set, derived from a combination of pipeline meter data, EIA data, well data, price data, and proprietary production forecasting, ensures you have the insights needed to make well-informed decisions that align with your business objectives.

New Houston Ship Channel Supply & Demand

Introducing the Houston Ship Channel Supply and Demand Report – your comprehensive guide to navigating the dynamic energy landscape in the southern Texas region. Stay ahead of the curve with our meticulously crafted product that covers everything from southern Texas to San Antonio to Galveston Bay. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Extensive Coverage: Our report spans the entire region, providing valuable insights into the energy market from southern Texas to San Antonio to Galveston Bay.
  • Production Forecasts: Gain a strategic advantage with accurate and detailed production forecasts specifically tailored for the Eagleford basin. Anticipate market trends and make informed decisions.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Dive deep into the Houston Ship Channel pricing basis, examining its intricate relationship with emerging Eagleford production, Permian infrastructure, and LNG infrastructure. Understand the nuances that drive pricing dynamics.
  • Strategic Impact Assessment: Stay informed about the impact of emerging Eagleford production, Permian infrastructure, and LNG infrastructure on the Houston Ship Channel. Be well-prepared for shifts in the market landscape.
  • Stay Ahead of the Game: With our product, you'll be equipped with the knowledge needed to stay ahead of the competition, make strategic decisions, and navigate the evolving energy market with confidence.

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Upcoming Southeast Gulf Supply & Demand

Introducing our latest innovation – the Southeast Gulf Supply & Demand Report, your gateway to unlocking the complexities of one of the most dynamic natural gas producing regions.

  • The product focuses on the flow dynamics within Louisiana separating the northern producing region from the demand centers on the coast providing insight to the timing of pipeline capacity and new LNG infrastructure. This also includes our production forecast for the Haynesville spanning East Texas and Louisiana. 

  • Featuring insights into unique consumers of natural gas and the majority of Gulf Coast LNG liquefaction and export facilities, offering a holistic understanding of the region's significance in the energy sector.
  • Addressing challenges posed by pipeline infrastructure limitations and expansions, anticipating volatile price relationships between producing areas and consumption centers.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge insights, enabling you to navigate the dynamic Southeast Gulf market with confidence and precision.

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