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East Daley’s consulting service is a unique data and analytics service that leverages its in-house integrated commodity and financial data and modeling capabilities. Our differentiated methodology routinely models and forecast the energy value chain down to the asset level, both physical and financial, triangulating multiple datasets to find unique insights. We combine that data and modeling capability with a high level of curiosity and determination to find the answers that fit our client's specific questions. East Daley's focus is to find the wisdom within the data that helps our clients make the best decision.


How to work with East Daley Analytics

Due Diligence:

Red Flag Analysis, Data Room Review, Counterparty Contract Reviews, Competitive Landscape, Management Meetings, Investor Decks

Market Study:

Supply Demand Analysis, Downstream and Upstream Constraint Review, Multi-region Impact Analysis, Commercial Relationship Review, Basis and Price Forecast, New Build/Expansion Opportunities, Contracted Capacity vs Physical Throughput

Debt Investment:

Private and Public Asset Volume and Revenue Forecast, Revenue Stress Tests, Strategic Moat Analysis, Quarterly and Annual Reviews, Management Presentation Reviews

Custom Data and Presentations:

Market Update Presentations, Conferences, Customer, or Management Meetings, Custom Data Pulls and Consultation, Custom Model Building and Scenario Analysis

Strategic Analysis:

Peer Review, Market Overview, Greenfield/Brownfield Expansion Evaluation, Market Sizing
Example: Gathering and Processing Analysis
East Daley gathering and processing analysis are unique in that we regularly analysis and forecast over 400 G&P assets. Additionally, we incorporate numerous datasets from state-level throughput data, company financial reports, tariffs, and pipeline residue samples. In addition, East Daley uses a patented methodology to allocate every rig and well in the U.S and Canada to the gathering and processing system. We use this data to determine the producers feeding each system, and calculate unique decline curves, production rates, and current drilling activity so that we can provide more accurate market intelligence and forecast. In a typical due diligence deal or strategic analysis, the East Daley team can leverage all this data to evaluate counterparty risk, understand G&P rates, run extensive competitive analysis, and much more.
Example: Pipeline Egress Analysis

In a typical market study or due diligence, our pipeline takeaway (egress) stack will consider more than just the rated capacity of the pipeline and the historical throughput. East Daley analysis typically extends to:

• Analysis of an effective capacity that may differ from rated capacity

• Forecast throughput by pipeline into the future

• Consideration of the contractual parties both upstream and downstream

• Consideration of the connected infrastructure both upstream and downstream

• Balanced outlook that accounts for downstream competition

• Understanding of the strategic importance of the assets within the operators and investors' portfolio

• Contracted Capacity vs Physical Throughput

These extended analyses can significantly impact revenue expectations, basis outlooks, throughput, partnerships and many other factors that are critical in the decision process.

Example: Asset Analysis
Whether an asset is public or private or simply opaque, East Daley's extensive asset-level database can aid in evaluating revenue and volume forecasts for infrastructure across North America. The East Daley will pull together all publicly available data on an asset, combined with extensive cross-commodity, multiregional modeling capabilities, and integrate any confidential or proprietary client-provided insights to build a custom model to evaluate a debt offering, expansion opportunity, contract negotiation or sell side opportunity.
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