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East Daley Capital’s Advisory Services Sees Asset Sales Opening Up in the Midstream Market

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East Daley Capital’s Advisory Services Sees Asset Sales Opening Up in the Midstream Market

Non-Core Assets Present both Opportunity and Risk

Centennial, CO, April 29, 2020 – East Daley Capital Advisors, Inc., an energy data and insights company, is offering highly-customized advisory services to help investors understand current energy market dynamics and provide insights into non-core assets of midstream energy companies. The recent volatility of the market, impacted by COVID-19 and oil price wars, has led to a substantial shift in the financial landscape for midstream energy companies, which may accelerate the need to shed non-core assets.

In a recent research report, East Daley Capital identified 129 non-core midstream assets that midstream companies are likely evaluating as part of their evolving strategic plans.  East Daley’s Advisory Services team provides customized commodity and financial analysis of the midstream energy market down to the asset-level.

“The current market volatility may accelerate the need for public midstream companies to shed non-core assets,” said Justin Carlson, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder at East Daley Capital. “Moving quickly, especially in a market that is changing historically faster than ever before, is the key to excelling or staying stagnate and losing. Our proprietary methodology for tracking and analyzing these non-core assets provides a holistic, micro to macro level view of the opportunities and risks.”

East Daley sits in the middle of the energy market value chain, driving expertise into all aspects of the ecosystem including upstream, midstream and downstream assets, competitive factors, and financial forecasts through a combination of commodity fundamentals and asset-level financial modeling.

The company’s Advisory Services team is skilled in delivering project conclusions for market updates, due diligence, competitive analysis, and strategic planning around an asset or set of assets. East Daley’s team of data and research analysts leverage a proprietary modeling system to break down the assets as well as the basin-by-basin production of crude oil, produced water, natural gas, and natural gas liquids that fuel each asset. This team is further supported by a group of East Daley data scientists that are continually adding new data sources and building tools to help investors understand the different variables that can impact and affect outcomes.

To learn more and take a deeper dive into where non-core asset opportunities exist, contact Kim Ward, Vice President of Advisory Services at East Daley Capital, at kward@eastdaley.com.

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