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Limits in Short-term Gulf Coast LNG Export Capacity Could Fuel Price Slump as Production Builds

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East Daley Analytics was quoted in a Natural Gas Intel article.

No ‘Real Home’ for Supply

While export capacity is expected to gradually increase on the Gulf Coast through 2025, East Daley Analytics Inc.’s Rob Wilson, vice president of analytics, told NGI market dynamics aligning over the next few months should demonstrate why those expansions will be needed sooner rather than later. Wilson said natural gas producers could see the impact of slower near-term growth at LNG terminals as soon as this spring.

“I think it will be March and April, when storage ramps up, and we see levels reach significantly above historical averages,” Wilson said.

Wilson is also scheduled to take part in a panel on the state of the Gulf Coast on day one of the Gulf Coast Energy Forum in New Orlean on Oct. 12-14.

Read the full Natural Gas Intel article here. 

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