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Supply Powers Higher, When Will Frac Constraints Limit Growth?

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NGL Roundup: October 3, 2022

NGL production increased 3% M-o-M and 12% Y-o-Y in July according to the latest EIA data, just above East Daley’s NGL Purity Product Forecast.

The Medford fractionator explosion had a limited impact on July numbers, but the outage may result in decreased production on the back of higher ethane rejection in August.

A drop in exports has helped Propane/Propylene stocks surge past the 5-year average, but frac constraints could hinder inventory builds going forward.Screenshot 2022-09-30 175614

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NGL production by basin

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We use our patented method to monitor midstream flows from processing plants to fractionation centers, identifying infrastructure bottlenecks before the market recognizes them. Using a bottoms-up approach to supply, we go deeper than the PADD or sub-PADD level to truly understand what is happening on the ground in NGLs.

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