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East Daley Integrates Midstream Data and Insights on the Bloomberg Terminal

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East Daley Integrates Midstream Data and Insights on the Bloomberg Terminal

Provides one-stop shop for the industry’s most robust midstream analysis at the company and segment level

Centennial, CO, January 25, 2021

East Daley Capital Advisors, Inc., the midstream expert, today announced that their data and analysis will be available through the Bloomberg Terminal. The Bloomberg Terminal is the latest solution to integrate and deliver East Daley’s midstream energy data, coverage, and expertise.

Users will now be able to access East Daley’s data and reports directly on the Bloomberg Terminal to better integrate industry-leading analysis into their existing workflows. Earnings Estimates and Segment-Level Financial Models will provide a five-year outlook for top North American midstream equities. This information is powered by East Daley’s patented G&P Methodology and its Midstream Asset-level Database which includes over 1,000 assets from both public and private companies. An assortment of East Daley’s proprietary industry and company research reports will also be available with frequencies ranging from daily to quarterly.

“We’re excited to provide our clients with faster and more efficient access to our unrivalled financial and operational data on one of the industry’s leading platforms,” said Justin Carlson, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at East Daley Capital. “The same world-class research driven by asset-level analysis that East Daley has become known for is now accessible for clients through the Bloomberg Terminal.”

Earnings Estimates: East Daley’s five-year forecast for EBITDA, Free Cash Flow, CAPEX, Net Debt and Dividend Per Share allows users to quickly view and compare East Daley’s consolidated-level estimates to consensus and other research providers to identify opportunities. It also enables them to track how East Daley’s estimates have changed over time and to pull the data directly into their existing workflows.

Segment-Level Financial Models: Segment-level financial models provide financial and operational data at the segment and consolidated level for each company under East Daley’s coverage. This data provides a deeper cut into the Earnings Estimates and can be accessed directly on the Bloomberg Terminal via MODL <GO> or downloaded as a Microsoft Excel file.

Data Intelligence Reports: An assortment of East Daley’s proprietary research reports provide context to the quantitative Earnings Estimates and Segment-Level Financial Models. These reports will include East Daley’s most powerful research including Board Reports, Roadmaps, Data Insights, Midstream Navigators and The Daley Note.

“Many research providers have dropped midstream coverage leaving a significant analytical void in an extremely complex, data intensive industry,” said Andy Ptacek, CPA, Senior Director at East Daley Capital. “Establishing our independent research on Bloomberg will enhance transparency to financial markets for an asset class we believe is positioned to generate significant amounts of free cash flows, even in these uncertain times.”

To learn more or sign up, visit the East Daley Data Distribution page.

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