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East Daley’s Midstream Asset Database Now Available on Amazon Web Services

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East Daley’s Midstream Asset Database Now Available on Amazon Web Services

Provides Access to Largest Collection of Midstream Asset-level Financial and Operational Data Anytime, Anywhere

Centennial, CO, November 16, 2020

East Daley Capital Advisors, Inc., the midstream expert, today announced that its Midstream Asset Database is now available for purchase on Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling clients to access, download and manipulate complete data sets anytime, anywhere. East Daley’s Midstream Asset Database is the industry’s largest and most comprehensive aggregation of financial and operational data for North American midstream assets and the first one available on AWS.

The database provides access to over 1,000 North American midstream assets with asset-level information such as owner, location, throughputs, rates, revenues, expenses, and more. The combination of East Daley’s proprietary modeling capabilities and metadata tagging organizes each line item from the models into a searchable format by owner, basin, commodity type, asset type, and origin/destination. Clients are able to search and screen for assets, gain a comprehensive view of financial and fundamental metrics in specific areas, and compare underlying drivers on an asset level.

“We’re excited to work with Amazon Web Services to offer this new way for clients to interact and consume our asset-level financial and operational midstream information and data,” said Andy Ptacek, CPA, Senior Director, Commodity Markets at East Daley Capital. “We are committed to providing innovative tools and detailed information that help our clients get ahead of market opportunities and risks. The organization of our data into one single platform allows clients to view and prioritize the midstream asset universe quickly and efficiently to gain actionable insights.”

The dataset will be refreshed each quarter as company financial models are updated. New assets and metadata tags will also be added as new company financial models are created and East Daley continues to evolve and improve the way assets are modeled. By offering its Midstream Asset Database on third-party platforms and data exchanges like AWS, as the data set is further developed, new assets and powerful metadata will be instantly accessible.

Asset analysis is fed by East Daley’s industry-leading, integrated Commodity and Capital Markets asset-level analysis. Each asset is fundamentally forecasted considering the competitive dynamics of the asset relative to other assets in a balanced approach to commodity market dynamics.

To purchase East Daley’s Midstream Asset Database, visit the Amazon Web Services marketplace.

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