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East Daley Launches Research Coverage of Canadian Midstream Energy Market

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East Daley Launches Research Coverage of Canadian Midstream Energy Market

East Daley Launches Research Coverage of Canadian Midstream Energy Market

Asset-level Insights on Enbridge, Pembina, and TC Energy to Provide Transparency and Identify Opportunities in High-Performing Region

Centennial, CO, September 30, 2020East Daley Capital, Inc., the midstream expert, has launched coverage of the Canadian midstream energy market that includes detailed production and constraint forecasts for Western Canada and research coverage of large-capitalization Canadian oil and gas infrastructure. The coverage expansion enhances East Daley’s market leadership in North American midstream energy business intelligence by marrying commodity analysis, primarily of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, with capital markets analysis of key midstream companies.

Canadian midstream equities have outperformed their U.S. counterparts by a factor of two in 2020, which East Daley attributes to more resilient sources of cash flow and less aggressive capital expenditures. While much of this resilience likely will continue, crude oil egress megaprojects such as Line 3, Trans Mountain and Keystone XL threaten to suppress rates and asset utilization for some operators. An overall shift from under-built to over-built will diminish some of Canada’s relative fundamental strength compared to the U.S., but not enough to thwart its overall superior positioning.

East Daley’s initial Canadian research coverage encompasses 95 assets from the ground up that populate granular, asset by asset financial models on Enbridge (ENB), TC Energy (TRP) and Pembina (PBA). Industry stakeholders looking to take action on Canadian investments and capital expenditures can leverage East Daley’s subscription products and advisory services for their comprehensive and integrated story of the Canadian landscape. East Daley’s clients deploy capital with increased confidence through added transparency and quantified downside risk.

“Our clients told us that granular data on Canada was difficult to locate and process,” said Justin Carlson, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at East Daley. “We spent nine months aggregating, integrating, and analyzing sparse and disparate data to create a comprehensive view of the Canadian midstream market. We want to empower our clients by providing the foremost business intelligence on the Canadian oil and gas infrastructure, and we plan to continue to support our clients by leveling-up these efforts in future releases.”

As the U.S. election approaches, investors are increasingly looking at binary risks to Keystone XL, oil and gas leasing on U.S. Federal lands, climate policy, and regulatory regimes to assess investment risks and optimize capital allocation. East Daley remains committed to providing unrivaled midstream business intelligence facing these complex market drivers to help clients make faster, more informed investment decisions.

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