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ONEOK Joins Midstream Elite with $19B Magellan Purchase

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The Daley Note: May 23, 2023

Watch out, Enterprise (EPD), Energy Transfer (ET) and Kinder Morgan (KMI). The $18.8B acquisition of Magellan Midstream Partners (MMP) will place ONEOK (OKE) at the head table in Midstream.

The OKE-MMP merger, announced on Mother’s Day (May 14), will create the second-largest US midstream company by market cap and the fifth-largest by enterprise value, behind only ET, EPD, KMI and Williams (WMB). The deal will be financed with 63% stock (0.667 OKE shares/MMP unit, or $8.8B total) and 37% cash ($25/unit for $5.1B total, debt-financed). OKE will assume $5.0B of MMP’s existing net debt.

OKE shares dropped 8% last week as the market digested the combination, bringing the total value of the deal down to $18.1B and the premium to 16% compared to MMP’s closing price last Friday (vs 22% before the fall in OKE share prices). MMP shares were up 13%.

Investors may be struggling to understand where OKE can find synergies from the asset combination. OKE management noted $200-400MM in synergies, only $100MM of which are from lower G&A, executives said. The remaining $100-300MM are from commercial synergies: bundling NGL and crude services, creating demand-pull dynamics around butane blending opportunities, and using MMP’s expertise around exports.

Tulsa-based OKE is going wide with the Magellan acquisition, moving beyond its expertise in natural gas and NGLs into new sectors and services (crude oil, refined products, butane blending, exports). Indeed, the OKE-MMP merger is notable for the lack of overlap between the two companies’ asset bases.Picture1-May-23-2023-02-28-02-3426-AM

The OKE-MMP merger does add considerable geographic diversification. OKE’s exposure in the Bakken and Anadarko will be reduced but still significant, down from 85% to 60%. However, OKE’s Permian exposure doubles from 10% to 20% (see figure).

Using our OKE and MMP Financial Blueprints and commodity models, East Daley will explore the OKE-MMP combination in greater depth this week. Clients can use East Daley’s Energy Data Studio to compare and contrast OKE’s geographic and commodity exposure with that of its peers, as highlighted in a recent video by East Daley’s Chief Commercial Officer. We also provided some initial thoughts with our friends at RBN.

One thing is for sure: the merger will create a fully integrated midstream solution resembling that of its larger peers, capable of providing a suite of midstream services from the wellhead all the way to export docks along the US Gulf Coast. –Ajay Bakshani, CFA Tickers: EPD, ET, KMI, MMP, OKE.

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