East Daley Analytics – Dissecting the Energy Value Chain

This is no ordinary report

What makes this report unique is that rigs are allocated to individual assets providing a more granular understanding of how each asset is trending relative to the basin and to the company. What makes this possible is East Daley’s proprietary patent pending asset level allocation model.

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Determine Momentum Within Basins by Company

This report can be utilized to determine individual systems/companies that are gaining and losing momentum within basins, as well as understanding the well characteristics that differentiate systems.

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Determine Volume Growth by System

Combining this with East Daley’s asset level volumes and decline rates, analysis can be conducted to determine current and future volume growth expectations by system.

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Forecast Granular Cash Flow

Layering on East Daley’s Company Asset Level Blueprint provides all the necessary information to granularly forecast gathering and processing related cash flow for specific companies.

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