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Permian Production Exits 2023 at a Record High

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Crude oil production from the Permian Basin exited 2023 at an all-time high of 6,115 Mb/d, according to East Daley Analytics’ forecast, punctuating a year of strong growth despite declining rig activity.


East Daley estimates Permian oil production grew nearly 500 Mb/d in 2023, up 8.8% in December ’23 from YE22 output of 5,620 Mb/d (see figure). EDA’s oil and natural gas production forecasts are available by basin in the Production Scenario Tools in Energy Data Studio.


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Growth in Permian crude oil is weighted toward the back half of 2023 in our forecast, coinciding with new natural gas processing infrastructure and gas pipeline expansions that allowed producers to bring more wells online.

Oil production in West Texas and New Mexico continued to grow despite declining rig counts through the year. Rig activity in West Texas and New Mexico fell 49 rigs (-14%) in 2023, exiting the year at 302 rigs vs 351 at YE22. The Permian rig count has not been this low since January 2022, when basin oil production was at 4,977 Mb/d.


Mergers have contributed to falling Permian rig counts. Private operators posted the largest yearly decline in basin rig counts, down 33% in 2023. Drilling by private operators fell 17% in the Delaware and 36% in the Midland sub-basins.

Despite fewer rigs, efficiencies in drilling and completion work are driving productivity gains from new wells and more than offsetting lower rig counts in our model. EDA projects Permian crude production to grow 7% in 2024 while rig counts hold relatively steady, up 2% at YE2024. – Kristine Olesczek.





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